We turned this Hampden parking pad into a comfortable garden getaway.


This is the backyard of our very own Rob Primmer. When he moved into this house in Hampden, the previous owners used the lot as a parking pad. Our vision was to create a space that incorporated all the elements: water, air, earth and fire. The results have been amazing. Every year we can't wait for spring, and when the nights finally warm up we sit outside by the fire, listening to the sound of the waterfall and waiting for food to warm up on the grill. Our next project: a sandbox for the youngest Charmscaper.



Fire Pit & Seating

The centerpiece of the yard is the stone fire pit with birch log seating surrounding it. The stone pavers for the walkway create an environmentally friendly porous surface.


Pond With Waterfall

The stone pond houses a waterfall style fountain that provides a pleasant backdrop of cascading water.


Rain Barrels

Three rain barrels capture nearly all the runoff and are attached to hoses that water plants during dry spells.