This small row home now boasts a robust, eco-friendly entertaining spot.


We all know that living in a Baltimore row home can sometimes feel, well, cramped. Our clients Luke and Diane loved their Hampden home, but felt their backyard was going to waste. They wanted a spot to entertain guests, or relax in privacy, with the ability to use the space well into the fall. We collaborated with them to design and install an outdoor area with plenty of space and custom features.




Privacy Fence

Our clients wanted to be able to walk outside their back door and feel they were in another room in their home. We built a privacy fence that gives them as sense of solitude while still living the city life.


Fire Pit & Entertaining Space

This yard is built for friends. We created custom built-in seating and a table with a fire pit centerpiece.


Environmentally Friendly

The yard is designed to control runoff with the installation of a water barrel to capture rain for future use and a permeable stone patio.