We created this soothing Japanese garden to bring some calm to busy Falls Road.

When we first approached Kim, her front yard was overgrown with grass - a typical row house scene. She wanted to do something totally different and asked us to be creative. Her home is on Falls Road in Hampden, busy with cars and passersby. We thought it would be neat to create a Japanese style garden complete with a mini "mountain", a gentle flowing rock fountain, miniature trees and riverstone. The result is living art that stands out and brings a sense of relaxation to homeowner and pedestrian alike.

I returned home from a long trip away to find my front yard completely outgrown and in desperate need of attention. I trudged up my stairs and on the doorstep was a Charmscapes flyer. Very auspicious, I thought. I called the number and met Rob and Hank. They were so excited to start and their passion for what they do was obvious. The job was finished in the time they said it would be and I now have a beautiful zen garden where a sorry little patch of grass used to be. Passers by compliment me on it daily. Thank you Charmscapes. I LOVE my zen garden!
- Kim, Client


The highlight of this design is the gentle water fountain created from large natural rocks. It is solar powered, and flows gently from the top of a feature boulder into a bed of rocks.



Kim was adamant that she didn't want to have to weed, prune or do any maintenance to her yard. We chose a design and plants that thrive with little care.

No Maintenance